The Preschool Voluntary Management Committee is made up of staff, parents and members of the local community. The committee is responsible for the management and employment of all staff working within the setting, and controls what is provided for the children who attend Little Jesters.

It is vital that the committee has a full complement of dedicated members, as without the support of these volunteers the preschool cannot legally operate. Little Jesters’ charitable status requires the committee to adhere to governance regulations – as such, the committee requires a minimum of five members at all times.

To ensure continuous and legal operation of the preschool, the committee is always open to new applications from friends of the preschool, parents, grandparents, and carers of children attending Little Jesters. Being a committee member is an excellent opportunity for exercising existing experience & skills, whilst also potentially gaining new ones.

A booklet is available for anyone interested in becoming an active part of their Child’s preschool, which contains all the information about the committee members’ roles & responsibilities.

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held by the committee to discuss the running of the preschool and hold our elections; attendance is open to all, and the meeting is usually scheduled to take place each January. A formal letter is sent out to families ahead of time and all parents & carers are encouraged to attend.

If you are interested in helping out in any way, feel free to speak to a member of staff or committee member.

Chairperson Emma Carberry
TreasurerMichelle Foster
SecretaryKaty Senyszyn
Committee MembersJune Griffiths
Jackie Roson
Rachael Bryden
Nadia Powell
Elizabeth Everton
Alex Lawrence
Emma Sawyer

One of the most important aspects of the committee’s involvement with the preschool is in spearheading fundraising initiatives, which enable the committee to continue making improvements to the setting and provide new resources.

Examples of some of the latest fundraising initiatives can be found elsewhere on this website.

Committee Fundraising – Summer 2019

As the session fees and Government funding received by Little Jesters is sufficient only to cover the staff wages and everyday items, the generous donations brought in by the committee’s fundraising efforts are a fantastic way to benefit all the children attending Little Jesters.