Summer Fun

The children have been having lots of fun this week with all the many different resources that have been available to them. The activities included a mixing station containing a variety of ingredients with varying textures, a muddy track for the toy cars to play in alongside a car wash, musical instruments, magnet play, kitchen corner, a cosy reading area and cardboard templates ready for painting. We have also been active by enjoying our sports days – held over several sessions so as many children as possible can join in with the events.

We were also lucky enough this week to be able to watch as our butterflies emerged from their cocoons. The children are now enjoying watching them feed on the fruit and drink their sugar water and the butterflies will soon be released.

Finally, we have begun preparing for the annual Faldingworth Scarecrow Festival, which this year is being held between the 9th and 11th of July. This years theme is Holidays. We hope you enjoy exploring the trail and trying to spot our entry.

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